Reading your personal genetic message
is like having access to a treasure map –
one that can lead you to your optimal health
and help you prevent or recover from any
chronic conditions along the journey.


Health Care that is Dynamic, Personal and Lifestyle-focused.


A Unique Approach
To Healthcare

At 3X4 we use genetic science to determine the most effective tailored plan for you to be your healthiest.

A Collaborative Care

As a member of 3X4, you are assigned a team: we have medical doctors , dietitians, and health coaches – all aligned in their mission to help you meet your health goals, whatever they are.


Generate Health in a
way that is precise and

Your agreed-upon plan includes personalized recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, stress, movement, and medication.

What makes 3X4 Clinics different from anything you’ve tried, before?

  • Treatment plans determined by your unique genetic blueprint
  • Deep investigative assessments to get to the root cause of your symptoms.
  • Ongoing professional support from your assigned health coach, who works closely with your doctor / dietitian to keep updating your plan.

Why get your genes tested?

Thanks to the relatively new field of epigenetics, which studies the triggering mechanisms for genes (what switches them on and off), we now know that most of your genes actually respond with perfect precision to your environment.

The type of foods you eat, air you breathe, your level and type of physical activity, and even the psychological stress you encounter – all have specific genetic consequences.


A Closer Look

At 3X4 Clinics we test your genetic blueprint to see how you are programmed to execute core biochemical pathways like detoxification, inflammation, methylation and a few other important defence + repair processes. We also look closely at gene variations you have as well as at the triggering mechanisms in your life, and then tailor a treatment plan to best optimize your expression of health.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of diseaseusing advanced testing and genetics in combination with deep listening and investigative assessments. Functional Medicine engages both the patient and the practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

A Powerful New Tool

At 3X4 Clinics we use principles of nutrigenomics, functional medicine and functional neurology, alongside conventional medicine, as a tool to know more, look deeper, and treat further upstream, beyond the symptom itself.


Why get a health coach?

Health coaches fill a void in the current healthcare system. In order to truly reverse and prevent lifestyle-driven diseases, we need to make the right strategic lifestyle changes, which takes more time and requires more resources than what the current healthcare system can provide.

Knowing what’s right for you is entirely different to actually doing what’s right for you. People who work with a coach are 50% more successful in reaching their goals compared to those who don’t get coaching.


Stick To Your Sustainable Goals

The team-based care model at 3X4 is designed to give you ongoing and unlimited hands-on support from a trained health coach whose main objective is to help you implement lifestyle changes in a way that is practical, achievable and sustainable for you. At 3X4 we know that there is no one-size-fits-all, not when it comes to making choices that you can actually abide by.