What do we need to thrive?

The human body is incredibly complicated, and the answers can be hard to find. At 3X4 we strive to unlock these answers. We strip away complexity and give you deep insight into your genetic blueprint.

This personalised knowledge empowers you to make the right choices when it comes to your health.

Pathway-based analysis

Conventional thinking in genetic testing looks at the impact of single gene variants, and makes individual recommendations for each. At 3X4 we are changing the paradigm of genetic translation.

Instead of making recommendations based on single gene variants, 3X4 looks at how genes interact with each other and work together as a whole to impact key metabolic processes. 

Pathways and interactive systems rather than isolated, individual variants, providing a more biologically-accurate picture and more precise interventions.


Dr. Yael Joffe has spent 18 years working locally and internationally in genetics and nutrigenomics, building tests, doing research, and educating practitioners and students.

Yael’s vision has always been to create a comprehensive genetic test, combining genetic science, evidence-based nutrition and user-friendly technology.  Complex data translated into personalised simple answers – driving real change in a clinical context.

Jason Haddock is driven by a passion for systems thinking and data science. He has been in the technology industry for over 20 years helping to create and grow a number of successful businesses. At 3X4, Jason helps to combine the worlds of data science, animation and technology to take complex DNA data and turn this into intuitive info graphics.

Jason’s vision is to see a world where everybody has access to the information they need to make better decisions and live their full potential. The ultimate data set to unlock this potential is our own genetic code.

The combination of well-researched interventions and clinical experience merged with user-friendly technology and design results in a user experience that is as much enjoyable as it is evidence-based.