Imagine if we as practitioners could target and personalize health recommendations based on each individual’s unique genetic blueprint? What if there was a way to discover exactly what types and amounts of food, exercise and supplements your patients need to bring out the best in their genes and health?

Designed by a practitioner for practitioners, 3X4 is here to help you answer these questions and make sustainable and meaningful changes to your patient’s health.

How can I offer 3X4 tests to my patients?

1. Join the Network and enroll in our Nutrigenomics Foundation course

In order to access and use the 3X4 test, simply join the 3X4 Network. Get access to active mentorship programmes, continued education and research.

2. Sign into the 3X4 Practitioner Portal

Get a secure online login to the 3X4 Practitioner Portal, where you can access and download your patient’s reports. Receive email and SMS notifications when patients reports are ready for review.

3. Receive your genetic report

Receive your patient’s personalized, easy-to-use genetic report. Results are summarised and colour-coded according to their “ impact score” so you can clearly see at a glance, where you need to focus your attention and offer maximum value during your feedback consultation.