DNA serves as the blueprint for everything about us: our health potential, susceptibility to disease, ability to burn fat, exercise performance potential, and several other processes that affect health outcomes.

To know your genes, is to know your body and how best to treat it.

The information encoded in our genes provides specific guidance on how best to maximize our health potential.

Genes determine the way our body responds to food, physical activity, stress, toxins and other lifestyle and ‘environmental’  factors.

Reading your personal genetic message is like having access to a treasure map – one that can lead you to your optimal health and help you prevent or recover from any chronic conditions along the journey.

The study of genetics has come a long way

Thanks to the relatively new field of epigenetics which studies the triggering mechanisms for genes, we now know that most of our genes actually respond with perfect precision to our environment. The type of foods we eat, the quality of the air we breathe, our level, type and time of physical activity, and even the kind of psychological stress we encounter – all have specific genetic consequences.


Your genetic results give you actionable insights and clues into exactly how your diet and lifestyle can be adjusted and personalised to positively interact with your genes. It is, in the truest sense of the word –  personalised nutrition.

Common variations in genes – or spelling changes in our DNA sequence – code for enzymes and other proteins and can affect metabolic pathways that, in turn, create individual differences in the way we absorb, metabolize, store and use nutrients and other food components.

The 3X4 Genetic test picks up on these ‘spelling changes’ that impact the way you respond to your diet and environment, and then gives clinically-proven guidelines for how to best to ‘balance out’ or manage these variations.


Each gene variant in the 3X4 test has been selected with the utmost consideration. In the world of genetic testing less is more, and quality should always take precedence over quantity. Gene variants require adequate scientific literature to support their inclusion, but they should also have been shown to be clinically useful, meaning the genetic result provides an insight that can be used and acted upon to provide a level of personalization that was previously not available.

3X4 is a clinical practice tool that was developed by Dr Yael Joffe PhD RD to enable practitioners to provide their clients with clear, concise and manageable interventions.

Test results have been designed and summarised into:
• 3 key focus areas,
• 3 diet interventions,
• 3 lifestyle interventions, and
• 3 possible supplements or behaviour recommendations (hence 3X4).

Feedback from the 3X4 genetic test leaves individuals and practitioners with a clear picture of which actions to take next – and the key diet and lifestyle changes needed to get results.


A more detailed map to better health

3X4 is a single test solution that looks at gene variations (82 of them, all evaluated against an extensive inclusion criteria to establish scientific and clinical utility) AND how they affect the body’s metabolic pathways and systems. Pathway-based analysis means that recommendations are based on 25 metabolic pathways rather than on individual gene variants, providing the opportunity for more effective, biologically valid and further-reaching positive impact.

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

The 3X4 test considers not only how genetic variations impact diet and lifestyle requirements, but also how diet and lifestyle choices impact gene expression.

Upstream Cellular Defense Mechanisms

By focusing on key upstream cellular systems, the 3X4 test addresses metabolic imbalances that are at the core of disease and sub-optimal health.

Impact factors allow for prioritization of lifestyle changes

All the gene variants are assigned an impact factor score (on a spectrum from low to very high) to indicate the magnitude of influence on disease prevention, treatment of chronic conditions, weight management, estrogen metabolism, and exercise and sports performance.


Diet and lifestyle recommendations should be determined not only by a person’s genes but all other nutrition and health assessments as well.

To be most effective, these recommendations should be accompanied by long-term lifestyle changes and ongoing support.

Our aim is to empower you to make diet and lifestyle choices that compliment and target specific genes for specific outcomes – ultimately to optimize their function.

Genetic results are not a magic bullet. They are a tool with the potential to impact personal health outcomes in powerful and precise ways.

Genetic risk is not absolute, and your individual genetic profile, along with your lifestyle choices, is a major determinant of how your risk for disease will play out in the long run.

By gathering the genetic information in the 3X4 test, you have the power to optimize your potential.


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