How is 3×4 Genetics different from other DNA test providers?

Built by a practitioner for practitioners – Our test is built by  Dr Yael Joffe, an expert scientist in Translational Nutrigenomics with over two decades of clinical experience as a practitioner and educator.

3×4 offers pathway-based analysis, not single gene-variant based analysis, meaning it looks at how genes interact with each other and work together as a whole to impact key metabolic processes. This approach is based on systems biology, which more accurately reflects how the body functions – in systems, not in seperate parts. Our test then goes further to make recommendations based on their impact on pathways, not on individual isolated gene variants.

3×4 translates nutrigenomic data into a clear, accessible language. From dark purple to light green, 82 genes are translated into a colour-coded feedback system lets you focus your attention on the most important key metabolic pathways, telling your unique genetic story in the simple universal language of colour.

3×4 recommendations are summarised into 3 key metabolic areas, 3 diet, 3 lifestyle, and 3 possible supplements or behaviour suggestions (hence the name 3 x 4), helping the practitioner to translate and apply complex genetic data into a clear, actionable plan.

Practitioners that use 3×4 genetic tests in their practice belong to an expert community of nutrigenomic practitioners that participate in active mentorship programmes, continued education, research and workshops to collectively enhance the application of genetics in practice.

How is my DNA collected? Does it hurt?

Collecting your DNA is simple and stress-free. Our goal is to ensure you get the highest quality results from your genetics test, in the most comfortable way possible. The cheek swab is the best new generation sample kit available.

In just 3 easy steps –  swab, seal and send, your DNA collection will be done in minutes.

How is my genetic data protected?

3×4 is using the latest encryption and cloud technologies to ensure your personal genetic data is secured at all times. From the moment your register your DNA sample kit your data is being stored safely on our platform and is not being used for any other purposes other than to generate your genetic report.

Why do I need a practitioner?

The number of companies providing direct-to-consumer genetic testing is growing, along with the range of genes covered by these tests. There is currently little oversight or regulation of direct-to-consumer- services, which is why 3×4 puts the practitioner in a central position to help you get the most out of your genetic test.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing provides only part of the picture of you.  A trained and accredited health care practitioner puts your genetic information in the context of there genetic and environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and your family medical history that would otherwise not be considered or addressed when using at-home genetic tests.

How were the genes for this test selected?

To ascertain scientific validity, we look at the scientific literature and ensure that there is adequate research to understand what the gene does and how the gene variant affects the function of the gene, and how this will affect how our body works.

Clinical validity  gives us information that is helpful in providing personalised and targeted recommendations for your patients. It enables the practitioner to offer a recommendation that they couldn’t have made if they had not done the test.

Scientific validity is only the beginning, but to have a test that translates genetics into practice and adds value to the practitioner and patient needs to have clinical or health validity as well.